How to get a bike

Gate City Bike Co-op partners with local agencies to identify people in need of alternative transportation options. The agency will provide their client with a voucher which allows the client to get a bike and accessories.  

Gate City Bike Co-op will help you with your bike, but all responsibility for safe maintenance and operation remains with you.  All bikes are used and offered as is, without any warranty or guarantee.

To get a bike:

  1. Get a voucher form from one of the agencies, or download and print it from this webpage.
  2. Get a signature from the agency.
  3. Bring the signed voucher to our open shop hours, held at 35 Spring Street on Mondays from 3 to 7pm.
  4. Alternatively, have the agency email the information to us at 
  5. Our stock is always changing so if you don't find something that works this week please try again later.
  6. We give out locks and helmets when we have them, sometimes we are out.


Voucher ver 20190724 (pdf)