Our stock always changing.


We never know from week to week what we will have on hand. If we can't find something to fit you, come back next week.

It takes all kinds.


We specialize in all used bikes. A Schwinn from the 1970s or a Mongoose from 2000, maybe a Raleigh from 1960, or a 5 year old fixie  - we have probably seen it.

We can always use more.


We distribute 10 to 25 bikes a week. We would love to put any bikes cluttering up your basement or hanging in your garage into the hands of people who need them. 



We give away bikes and accessories at no cost to clients with vouchers from a partner agency and to clients who earn a bike with volunteer hours.  A bike that is free to a client may be worth an equivalent of $100 or more in parts and labor to Gate City Bike Co-op. The average bike requires 1 to 2 hours of repair time, sometimes much longer. A full overhaul takes 4-6 hours. 

Most bikes need parts. We repair and reuse parts whenever possible, but we have to purchase many parts.

  • New tube - $4 
  • Tire - $10 
  • Cable - $1 
  • Cable housing - $2 
  • Chain- $10
  • Spokes - $1 
  • Shift levers - $12/set 
  • Brake pads - $2/set
  • Derailleur - $20 and up 
  • Handlebar grips - $4/set 
  • Lubrication and maintenance items $1
  • Lock - $6 
  • Helmet - $10 
  • Light set - $20 and up  

Tune up at a local bike shop - $75

Overhaul at a local bike shop - $250